22 June, 2021

Zucker & Sucker

Now that Facebook has proven how easy it is to make money out of other people’s digital poop, all companies private and government should take a leaf out of Zucker’s Book On Suckers and try putting out all employee data out for sale.

Zucker & Sucker

Every time people complain about Aadhaar, the possible leakage of perso­nal data, and the gross violation of privacy, I would wonder whether as a society we even understand the concept of privacy. Forget about all those who take a lota out to squat on a vacant plot, exposing themselves to the elements. This, at least in an urban setting, is out of sheer desperation to open the bursting bowels. But anyone who has taken the train from Delhi to Kanyakumari would know how not just data, but even horoscopes are exchanged, and life-long relationships are struck between complete strangers. It would be terribly impolite not to answer a co-passenger’s questions like, “Why isn’t your elder brother married yet? Why did you wait for two years for your first baby?” By the time you get down even after a shorter day trip, you would have Aadhaar-linked your co-traveller. As a nation we become incredibly nice when we worry about our neighbour’s dog barking at a shadow. But our tourism minister insists that much more than what transpires in a train compartment...

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