03 August, 2021

Zubin Mehta

The Maestro on his music:

Zubin Mehta
Why is Israel so important in your scheme of things?
Because it is a country that values freedom and democracy.

What about the ban on Germans like Wagner?
The Israeli government didn't ban Wagner. We at the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra decided not to do Wagner to respect the sentiments of Holocaust survivors.

You've been going to Israel during its worst moments; why no such commiseration with India?
I would go to Kashmir and perform there right now if you can arrange it.

How was it during the years when India and Israel didn't have diplomatic relations?
It was very frustrating for me personally. But as soon as relations were resumed I got the ipo (in 1994) on an India tour.

What do you feel about what's happening in Afghanistan?
I hope the Taliban women are liberated, because they are the ones who have suffered the most.

Are you a peace crusader?
I do whatever I can wherever there is a crisis situation.

How does music help?
In the middle of Intifadah we held...

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