23 June, 2021

Zara Zoom Zoom

Himesh is a hit crooner, and now even his film sings. So what gives?

Zara Zoom Zoom
Everyone around me disapproves of Himesh Reshammiya. The very mention of the popular Bollywood singer-composer's name invites instant scorn, sneers and groans. Isn't he appallingly pedestrian? Then why is he all the rage? The question might befuddle the artsy folk but as far as the masses go, Himesh mania goes from strength to strength, now touching new heights with the success of his maiden film as actor, Aap Ka Surroor the Moviee.

Himesh is Bollywood's Wonder Star, a most unlikely-looking hero who has managed to capture a huge fan base, despite the pronounced aversion to his music and persona among the intellectual elite. "No one had high hopes for Aap Ka Surroor. It's a bad product, but it has pulled it off," says Delhi distributor Sanjay Mehta. Shohini Ghosh, who teaches at the AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Jamia Millia Islamia, and is a close observer of junk cinema and pop culture, admits to not having "paid attention" at first but now she's amazed at his popularity. "He's an interesting sociological...

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