27 July, 2021

You’ve Read Us, Dear Reader. Now, Read Of Us.

You’ve Read Us, Dear Reader. Now, Read Of Us.

Saba Naqvi

At 17, life was often defined by rock ’n roll lyrics. For instance, I thought then that Roger Waters and Jim Morrison were particularly profound: “shine on, you crazy diamond” or “this is the end my friend”. I had a tight group of friends who were just beginning to break apart, who mixed up ideas of revolution with rock ’n roll angst. We took buses, talked to each other, did not need to spend money to have fun, we experimented with ideas and life, we shopped off clothes piles at Janpath. The parents were worried, but most of us got into decent colleges and turned out okay, though some diamonds were too bright and crazy for the mundanity of life and burnt out along the way.

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