24 June, 2021

Yes, We Too Can’t

Obama compromised too much, was too conciliatory and too easily browbeaten by the Tea Party leaders and their wacko demands

Yes, We Too Can’t

Confession: I was on the streets of Washington celebrating Barack Obama’s victory that historic November night in 2008. Even for a non-voting non-American, it was difficult not to be swayed by the euphoria, the sheer magnitude of the moment, the rivers of pride flowing on every African American face. THE barrier broken.

The whole world believed in the promise of Obama. He was the ultimate rock star of politics, rousing people from Berlin to Delhi. Heart in the right place. Check. Will talk peace instead of war. Check. Has a high IQ, not just beer-drinking abilities. Check. Wants to block runaway capitalism. Check. What a relief after George ‘War on...’ Bush and Dick ‘Darth Vader’ Cheney.


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