23 September, 2020

Yes, We Can't

A post-adolescent India can afford to disagree with friends

Illustration by Sorit
Yes, We Can't
In electing Barack Obama, Americans have resoundingly voted for change. Obama recognises that the world has changed, and so must America. Logically, US foreign policy too should change. If that involves allowing a moral and humanist perspective, a focus on dialogue and multilateralism, and a greater sense of responsibility and empathy, should we object? Should we not applaud when the world's most powerful man talks the language of Gandhi and Nehru, which India itself has forgotten?

Yet some in India are worried that Obama's election has blown away the euphoric haze surrounding Indo-US relations. It has underscored the utter naivete of the Manmohan Singh government in pursuing personality-driven and single issue-based policies towards the US. An Indian establishment given to wishful thinking had imprudently and publicly cast its lot with the Republicans. When one lives in the clouds, getting down to earth can make for a bumpy landing.

Painful though it may be, there is now a need to switch gears. As a rising power, India doesn't have...


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