23 June, 2021

Yatra On A Mazda Rath

Modi's campaign trailer is a marvel in design and innovation

Yatra On A Mazda Rath
Between July and August, come Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Narendra Modi will hit the road on a yatra of his own. And how. The Gujarat Gaurav Yatra will not even pretend to be simple. The chariot, you are told, is a marvel of design and innovation. It is being worked on by a structural engineer who passed out of an American college and a designer from the National Institute of Design. It is essentially a Swaraj Mazda from which a hydraulic lift will elevate a domed podium in which Modi will surface to meet people at every stopover. As in such a political summit, so in hydraulics, only one man will rise at a time. Therefore, though Modi and state president Rajendrasinh Rana will travel in the Mazda, only one leader will rise at a time.

Bhupendra Amin, the engineer behind this, says, "The podium has a lotus in front on which Modi can rest his hand while addressing the people. There will be digital photographs detailing Gujarat's achievements stuck on the two sides of the van. There will be lights and a public address system. The van is air-conditioned and has a...

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