30 September, 2020

Writing Aloud, But Gently

For the average Mumbaikar, Busybee's columns was their voice speaking

Writing Aloud, But Gently
Behram Contractor was my friend for over 40 years. He was a friend to many people from many different walks of life. This was curious in a way, since he never appeared to make any effort to acquire these friends. He was physically small, and though he had a wise and witty face, he very seldom spoke at all, as a matter of principle. I myself adhere strongly to this principle. Unless one has something useful to say, one should not say it. So conversations between Behram and myself often consisted of total silence, but it was a comfortable, comradely sort of silence. One of the few people to whom he did talk freely was his wife Farzana. She was much younger than he but they were devoted to each other. She nursed him through several illnesses. He was lonely and rather sad before he married her, in spite of all his friends; and she made him happy, though it cannot be said that he consequently became more loquacious than he chose to be.

After his death, Farzana has continued to look after his interests. Behram Contractor was a journalist, who wrote sardonic, often very funny...



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