20 October, 2020

Wrens In A Thornbush

The state, courts are complicit, so the status quo

Wrens In A Thornbush

The acquittal of all the accused in Jessica Lal’s case has been a wake up call for the media and the elite in the country about the state of the judicial system in India. While the collapse of the judicial system in India was widely perceived by the weaker sections of society, for most of whom the system never existed, it took the abject failure of a case like Jessica Lal’s (where the victim was a member of the elite) to bring home this reality to the dominant classes.

Jessica Lal’s case has only underscored the grim reality that virtually no influential person accused of any crime gets punished through the Criminal justice system. Whether it is Chandraswamy, or Narasimha Rao or the Hindujas accused of white collar crime, or whether it is a Manu Sharma, or a Nanda or a Soren accused ot violent crimes, all of them roam freely in the country; their trials continuing for decades, before the end of which they die or at the end of which they are acquitted. Of course, occasionally a petty constable may get quickly convicted, but that is because, he is not so...



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