31 October, 2020

Wounds of the Mind

Is religious terrorism a response to another kind of terror—by the state?

Wounds of the Mind
The September 11 event should greatly spurt the sale of this book. But not because it is a sensational piece of work. Far from it, this is a fine piece of scholarship, examining the relationship between religion and a form of violence which we today call international terrorism.

The attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon have only been the most dramatic and spectacular acts of violence seen in the last two decades. Before that, there have been the destruction of the Federal building at Oklahoma City last year by the Christian Identity group; the ripping apart of the Ben Yehuda shopping mall in Jerusalem in 1997 by Hamas; the bombing of the abortion clinics in Atlanta and Georgia by Rev Bray in 1996; the ramming of a truckload of explosives into the parking garage of the World Trade Center by Osama bin Laden's men in 1993; the release of vials of poisonous sarin gas in the Tokyo subway in 1995 by a Buddhist with an apocalyptic vision of death, and more....

There is no unqualified justification for violence in any of the religions for such heinous acts. The...



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