02 October, 2020


Embedded reality; Editing shock; Desert heat and Oscars, unplugged

Embedded Reality

By Seema Sirohi

It’s the ultimate reality show. War brought to you live from Baghdad in real time. "Don’t go away. We will be right back with the latest on Target Iraq," the painted anchor’s voice grows louder and more excited with each word. The unmistakable frenzy on US television networks is mind-numbing. Intrepid and gas-masked, the reporters are travelling with army units, bringing the war to your drawing room. Just sit down with your drink, relax and watch the skies over Baghdad light up.

There is little context, only a blow-by-blow account that fragments reality the way the officials wanted. A lot of jawing, mostly inane and repetitive, and much harrumphing for the "race" to Baghdad. One awestruck reporter from a respectable US outlet asked in the first week of bombing: "How much more...



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