28 July, 2021

Wheels Within Wheels

China’s aggressive postures along the border poses a big diplomatic and military challenge for India. What are Delhi’s options?

Threads of Harmony
PM Modi with Chinese President Xi Jinping
Photograph by PTI
Wheels Within Wheels

China, it seems, is in no mood to back down on Ladakh. With de-escalation along disputed areas of the border with India hitting a roadblock, the military stand-off between the Asian giants continues. To add insult to injury, the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA)  made fresh inroads on the Pangon Tso sector over the weekend, which the Indian defence ministry termed “provocative”.

Despite the pretence that the military crisis in the Himalayas is winding down, China’s aggressive posture continues—the Chinese have withdrawn from  points they did not wish to or were not in a position to hold,  but remained firm on areas that are of strategic interest to the PLA. The Chinese army is digging in for a long haul inside Indian territory.

“The existing situation on the ground is under control…Of course, negotiations are in process and that takes time. We should keep the momentum of dialogue and negotiation, further de-escalate the situation, and properly handle the remaining issues,” the Chinese ambassador to India, Sun...

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