17 April, 2021

Pakistan Fails To Force Kashmir On UNSC, And China Reads Stern Indian Message

Despite holding sizable territory, China has stayed away from the Kashmir dispute, leaving India and Pakistan to have it out among themselves. However, by supporting Pakistan and criticising India, China appears to have lost that neutrality.

Indian and Chinese foreign ministers S. Jaishankar and Wang Yi in Beijing
Photograph by PTI
Pakistan Fails To Force Kashmir On UNSC, And China Reads Stern Indian Message

The fear psychosis over India-­Pakistan tensions turning into a South Asian nuclear Armageddon is periodically raised in certain quarters around the world. That has so far failed to force the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to convene a meeting for a det­ailed discussion on the hostility bet­w­een the two neighbours, seen in the light of new developments in Jammu and Kashmir.   

In nearly five decades, the UNSC—the world’s highest body on security-related issues—have been consistently reluctant to debate the possible future and impact of India-Pakistan relations. The last time it met to discuss a matter related to India-Pakistan ties was in 1971. Truly momentous developments of that year witnessed a gargantuan influx of refugees from erstwhile East Pakistan into India, a third India-Pakistan war and the creation of the new nation of Bangladesh.

Therefore, when a desperate Pakistan seeks China’s support to diplomatically embarrass India in the wake of the abr­ogation of Article 370 and bifurcation of...

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