25 July, 2021

Sharp Edge Of Realpolitik

'India is reluctant to admit that China’s ‘two step forward, one step back’ policy has resulted, over the years, in loss of critical territory.' Its only answer? Quad, Quad, Quad.

Sharp Edge Of Realpolitik

A year later, Galwan will be remembered as a watershed, equation-changing moment in India-China ties. Chinese actions in Ladakh have hardened India’s stand and, considering the asymmetry in military and economic clout, has left it with little option but to greatly accelerate the pace of closeness with the US. Then there is the Quad—the US, India, Japan and Australia group that is a direct result of China’s assertive behaviour in the Indo-Pacific.

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“India will have to craft a new China policy in this changed context where engagement will have to be shaped amidst strategic compulsions,” says Sujit Dutta, senior fellow at the Vivekananda International Foundation. The anti-China bloc has taken concrete shape as US-China ties take a deep downward dive. “US-China rivalry means that India has a strategic ally. The closer India gets to the US, the more integrated it is within the American system of partners...

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