08 May, 2021

New City Primeval: How The World Chokes On Wheels

Not just Indian cities, top metropolises across the world are nearly crushed under the weight of their vehicles. Each is figuring out how to unclog the awful jam on its own.

New City Primeval: How The World Chokes On Wheels


No. of cars: 5,73,000

Only 10% of the population own cars. In fact, the city-state’s endeavour is to reduce the number of vehicles on the road. Multiple taxes are imposed on vehicles. The Open Market Value (OMV) includes customs, but add 20% excise, a huge sum to get certificate of entitlement, and a registration fee of 100-180%.


No. of cars: more than 32 million

In June 2019, the city temporarily banned over half the registered cars. These included petrol cars registered before January 2006, and diesel ones registered before January 2011. Later, it permanently banned old diesel cars and trucks. These regulations will continue to tighten until 2030, when only electric or hydrogen-filled vehicles will be allowed.

Mexico City

No. of cars: around 10 million

For 65% of commuters, cars are the preferred travel option. In Santa Fe, a major business hub, a driver spends 26 days a year on the road, or more than...

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