14 June, 2021

Israel’s Game Of Strip Poker

Benjamin Netanyahu’s military action on Palestinian settlements pushes the volatile region into a tailspin once again

Photograph by PTI
Israel’s Game Of Strip Poker

The photographs and amateur videos clips appeared straight out of a Star Wars movie—rockets fired by Hamas militants rising into the night skies in streaks of light, and missiles from Israel’s Iron Dome defence system tracing zig-zag paths to intercept the intruders. But this was no movie. As Israel’s right-wing government launched one of the most intensive bombings against what it called “terrorist targets”, the humanitarian crisis it sparked in Palestinian settlements—killing hundreds, including women and children—left the world numbed by the sheer scale of the military action. Though both sides have reached a ceasefire agreement—fragile at best—the military action in the Gaza Strip is a grim reminder that the Israel-Palestine conflict cannot forever be pushed under the carpet. It is time the international community step up efforts  to ensure  justice for Palestinians.

Over the years the world’s collective guilt at allowing the extermination of six million Jews by Hitler has led to an...

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