02 August, 2021

No Need To Go To Outer Space

Fifteen people experience timelessness—and of course Covid-appropriate isolation—deep inside a cave in the Pyrenees.

No Need To Go To Outer Space

Ever wonder what it would feel like to unplug from a hyper-connected world and hide away in a cave for a few weeks? Fifteen people in France found out. After 40 days in voluntary isolation in a dark, damp and vast cave, eight men and seven women who took part in a scientific experiment emerged on April 24 from their self-segregation in the Pyrenees. With big smiles on their pale, gaunt faces, the 15 participants exited the Lombrives cave to a round of applause and basked in the light of day while wearing special glasses to protect their eyes after so long in the dark. “It’s really warm!” said one.

For 40 days and 40 nights, the group lived in and explored the cave without a sense of time. There were no clocks and no sunlight inside, where the temperature was 10 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity stood at 100 per cent, reports the Associated Press. The cave-dwellers had no contact with the outside world, no updates on the pandemic or any communication with friends and family above ground. Scientists at the Human Adaption Institute leading the $1.5...

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