22 June, 2021

What The Boogaloo Bois Wear

The American far right, a roiling spirit that seems to want to overthrow the state with a second civil war, has a most unlikely attire: Aloha, the Hawaiian symbol of love.

What The Boogaloo Bois Wear

People following a violent movement that promotes a second US civil war or the breakdown of modern society have been showing up at recent protests across the nation, armed and wearing tactical gear. But the anti-government ‘boogaloo’ movement has adopted an unlikely public and online symbol: the so-called Hawaiian shirt. The brightly coloured, island-themed garment, known in Hawaii as an aloha shirt, is to people across the world synonymous with a laidback lifestyle. But in Hawaii, it has an association with aloha—the native Hawaiian spirit of love, compassion and mercy. The shirts are being worn by militant followers of the boogaloo philosophy—the antithesis of aloha—at demonstrations about coronavirus lockdowns, racial injustice and, most recently, the presidential election, reports the Associated Press.

Boogaloo is a loosely affiliated far-right movement that includes a variety of extremist factions and political views. The name is a reference to a slang term for a sequel—in this case, a second civil war. “You have everyone from...

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