08 March, 2021

Women's Finals

Jemima wins the other game...

Women's Finals

WITH the reputation of their husbands at stake, the wives added their bit of glamour, with the eyes of the jury and the public on them. Each day, Kathy Botham, Lyndsey Lamb and Jemima Khan came in for extensive scrutiny. The winner...perhaps Jemima.

Six months pregnant, she gave unstinting support to Imran Khan throughout the 13-day hearing. The 22-year-old natural blonde sat next to Imran, occasionally resting her hand on the bulge of her stomach and attempting to look calm. She betrayed her nervousness by sucking at strands of her hair and fiddling with her hair clip, an activity Imran would censure by confiscating the clip.

She chose her wardrobe well, wearing salwar kameez enough times to delineate her standing as the wife of a would-be Pakistani politician and punctuating this with some floaty creations from Ghost to remind the jury of her western roots. Whenever Jemima bent over to whisper in Imran's ear, he would hiss sharply at her to be silent. Most of the time she took notes, held hands and whispered encouragement. When Imran...

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