01 August, 2021

With Reservations

In the storm that Hardik Patel has whipped up, will reservation become a farce that will have nothing to do with the really deserving?

With Reservations

What was the basis of reservation for OBCs?

Poverty was not the sole criter ion for reservations for OBCs, which was granted to communities that were at once s ocially, educationally and economically backward.

Criteria for OBC inclusion

Education, labour, access to water, housing, irrigation, loans, etc.

Do OBCs occupy 27 per cent of central jobs?

57 per cent of all central govt jobs are held by ‘general’ candidates; 17.7 per cent posts held by OBCs in 71 out of 91 central govt departments held by those on central OBC list.

Do patidars, jats et al deserve reservations?

The backward classes commission had turned down the jat demand in 2013 as it found them well-represented in defence services, government etc. likewise, for patidars and marathas.

Are BJP and RSS opposed to caste-based quotas?

The sangh parivar was at the forefront of the anti-mandal agitation in 1990 and in gujarat in 1985. But modi government...

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