20 June, 2021

Win Some, Lose Some

If Vajpayee's American visit could have been better utilised, the Paris stopover was a success

Win Some, Lose Some

AS soon as Air-India One took off from Paris' Orly Airport, a tired but happy prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee walked out of his suite to 'thank' the journalists who had accompanied him on the eight-day trip to New York and Paris. He was clearly satisfied with the visit. He said India had come a long way since the nuclear tests, and that there was a visible change in the way other countries viewed India. Now, the PM explained, opinion-makers accepted the fact that India needed to go nuclear because it had legitimate security concerns.

As Vajpayee gloated over the visit, the Americans prepared to announce the 'postponement' of president Clinton's visit to the subcontinent later this year, essentially because India and Pakistan hadn't done enough to move towards nuclear non-proliferation. They didn't want the 'postponement' to look like a punishment, which seemed a rather presumptuous remark.

Earlier, a day after Vajpayee's address to the UN General Assembly where he showed a willingness to sign the Comprehensive Test Ban...

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