27 July, 2021

Will She, Won't She

Hillary Clinton's avowal of interest in Senate creates a splash

Will She, Won't She

FIRST Lady Hillary Rodham Clinton has created a frenzy of political speculation in Washington over the big question: will she run for the United States Senate from New York? And if she does, will the White House trappings of a sitting First Lady, which include Air Force jets and Secret Service limousines, give her an unfair advantage over the other candidates? This is uncharted territory, as is just about everything about the prospect of a sitting First Lady running for elected office.

Her recent statement that she would give 'careful thought' to making a bid for the seat to be vacated by retiring Democratic Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan in 2000 has been received with enthusiasm by many Democrats, including President Bill Clinton. During a recent visit to Mexico, he expressed the view that she would make a 'terrific senator.' US Rep. Charles Rangal, a veteran Manhattan Democrat predicted that should Hillary run in 2000 'she'd win'. Having emerged from the Monica Lewinsky scandal a clear winner in terms of public popularity, despite the distinctly uncomfortable position she...

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