03 August, 2021

Wicked Wolf In The Nursery

In a world where child sex abuse is rampant, an organisation steps in to spread awareness

Wicked Wolf In The Nursery
As a child rights activist for Child Line, a body under the Indian Council for Child Welfare, Vidya Reddy realised they were dealing with several cases of child trafficking, physical abuse of domestic child workers and other such cases, but child sexual abuse (CSA) was hardly getting any focused attention. Vidya was in touch with Lois J. Engelbrecht who had worked in Vietnam, Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Malaysia on CSA issues in schools. Vidya and Lois felt the need for an outfit in India that dealt with awareness, prevention and healing of CSA. They set up the Tulir Centre for the Prevention and Healing of Child Sexual Abuse (CPHCSA) in ’04.

Tulir in Tamil means the first tender leaves of a plant. "There were several ngos working in the area of child rights but only few social workers knew how to handle sexual violence against children. Trafficking was easier to deal with since it had a socio-economic pattern. But CSA is a problem with the entire society," says Vidya. In 90 per cent of CSA cases, the offenders are known to and close to the child, which is why addressing...

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