03 August, 2021

Why We Love To Hate Outlook

The magazine devotes tonnes of pages to the least likeable and the most despicable section of the Indian society.

Why We Love To Hate Outlook

In Outlook, style always trumps substance. Proof lies in the way you pamper Arundhati Roy by giving her a ready forum for elegant rubbish. And like Time magazine, which uses fact selectively to extol or damn someone, you cherry-pick facts to malign Modi and the BJP. Outlook proves that readability and credibility don’t coexist in Indian magazine journalism; one reads your magazine for entertainment, illumination. (Outlook founder Vinod Mehta—like another editor who people admired, Khushwant Singh—was rarely profound, but usually amusing and provocative, and always readable!)

You are at your best when you are non-political. Examples: your special issues on women, cinema, smart Indians or the Indian brand.

Which is the best issue of Outlook ever? No contest—it is the issue of June 20, 2006, when you analysed...

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