29 November, 2020

Why We Love To Hate Outlook

Praises for 'editorial integrity' to a 'hard-hitting' letter that even the writer thought would never see the light of day.

Why We Love To Hate Outlook

I have been a loyal rea­der from the very first issue. But after so many years, I’m confused as to whether I love to hate Outlook or I hate to love Outlook. I never did sympathise with the magazine’s political views. They were alw­ays against Hinduism, the RSS and the BJP. But I love Outlook’s crisp style, intelligent and informative writing. I have read some serious writing about cricket, especially when you broke the match-fixing story. But I must admit that the most interesting and loveable column in Outlook is its Letters section. Your diaries, sex and other surveys make news, yes, but editorial integrity keeps the magazine apart. You are never afraid to acknowledge your mistakes.

Sateesh Kulkarni, Ahmadnagar



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