21 June, 2021

Why We Love Outlook

For this grit towards projecting truth.

Why We Love Outlook

I have been reading Outlook for the last five years or so and it’s my favourite magazine. Different people like Outlook for different reasons, I love it for its unwavering impartiality when even well-known magazines and newspapers have an axe to grind. The razor-sharp efficiency with which important news is presented proves conclusively the quality and fearlessness of Outlook’s editorial team. I love this grit towards projecting truth. Here I am reminded of a daring exclusive cover story captioned That House in Burdwan (December 8, 2014) where the high-profile National Investigation Agency’s shoddy sleuth work was succinctly presented and a question mark thrown over the government narrative on the Burdwan blast. The article was an eye-opener to many, a refreshing take that allowed an alternative narrative to emerge on a burning issue.

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