03 March, 2021

Why We Love Outlook

The weight of its age does not show in its countenance.

Why We Love Outlook

I have been an avid reader of Outlook since its inception. It was seen as a young David taking on Goliath. It showed in its pithier writing, brighter colours and young design. Even more than that, it showed in its courage to have a point of view, and wield it. I love the fact that even 19 years on, Outlook has been able to live up to this contemporariness. The weight of its age does not show in its countenance—it remains young and modern in its approach to the situations it reports. The pseudo-secularism for which Outlook has been loved and maligned equally is another reason why I like it. I find secularism not just a political ideology, but also a social idea needed to bind this country together. Just because our political icons have let this idea down in practice is no reason for bashing a newsmagazine for trying valiantly to uphold it. The...

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