20 October, 2020

Why We Love Outlook

“Free, frank and fearless”. That's how the late R.K. Karanjia described his fiery weekly Blitz. Now more apt for Outlook

Why We Love Outlook

What I relish are the uninhibited responses in Outlook, never priggish by any standards. Almost all my love-hate sentiments are a direct consequence of my many letters published in my favourite weekly. The uninhibited use of the four-letter word (New York Diary, January 13, 2014), Khushwant Singh and Punjabi men having  “a thing” for big breasts with Madrasi men like me not far behind (May 10, 2014), the centrespread of Sunny Leone (April 15, 2014), reminiscent of your editor’s (not the canine!) Debonair days, Katy Mirza nostalgia, Gangadhar’s outrageously filthy secret diary of sex counsellor Mahinder Watsa (July 4, 2014), Mani Shankar  ‘I’- yer’s insipid monologues where he drops bricks ad nauseam, the graphic description of open-air defecation–quote from John Keay’s Into India (Where do they Squat?, October 25, 2014). Often irritated by...



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