20 October, 2020

Why The Weight-Loss Industry Won’t Understand

Nutrition science is yet to dev­elop the understanding and vocabulary to express how intelligent, climate-resilient and nutritious native meals are.

Illustration by Saahil
Why The Weight-Loss Industry Won’t Understand

The reason why most diets don’t work is because they are not a cultural fit. The weight-loss industry knows this only too well and most diets that you try are for a couple of weeks or max months. It’s not uncommon for you to overhear conversations where people speak of how they can diet till 5 pm, after which they just have to eat.

And as a country that had learnt over centuries to be grateful for the food on the plate, we replaced gratitude with guilt. Meal times that were meant to be a time of silence and reflection turned to times that were utilised to watch TV or to wildly discuss the latest weight-loss foods. Instead of eating as per the appetite, we started reducing the amount of food by drinking soup, chomping salads and gulping a fibre drink before the meal. It didn’t make us any thinner or healthier, but gave us a sense of suffering, another emotion the weight-loss industry thrives by. We are willing to do anything to lose weight but eat local, seasonal, home-cooked food.

It’s like this—if you are looking to translate a word...



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