26 February, 2021

Why The Bhutto Magic Failed

Why The Bhutto Magic Failed

THE belief that the rise and fall of Pakistan’s political parties is determined by its all-powerful Establishment is not groundless, and it will persist until the record of elected governments being summarily dismissed by presidential fiat is reversed. The role of the Establishment in securing the rout of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) this time will, therefore, figure in analyses and commentaries for a while. However, it’s possible to identify the purely political factors that have contributed to the near total eclipse suffered by Benazir Bhutto’s party.

The PPP has always had difficulty in settling down into the role of a properly structured political party. It believes itself to be a movement whose leader commands the allegiance of the masses without the assistance of any intermediaries. Regardless of the calibre and the performance of the functionaries, the chief may nominate at the various tiers of the party or to posts in government when in power. But it has rarely cared to examine the gradual weakening of its hold over the population.


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