06 August, 2021

Why Scene Changed In Act II: A Poll-Wary UPA

As terror target and pre-poll pawn, IPL is an obvious choice. It had to be moved.

Why Scene Changed In Act II: A Poll-Wary UPA

Once the tough decision to shift the IPL abroad was taken, BCCI members began to whisper that home minister P. Chidambaram wasn’t ever interested in allowing the showcasing of Tamasha Cricket II. They say the UPA government was apprehensive of forfeiting the terror card it had shrewdly wrested from the BJP; that an attack on any of the IPL teams could have sunk the UPA’s chance of returning to power. Some even appreciate this position. As one of them told Outlook, "An attack could have indeed impacted the election. But Chidambaram should have been upfront. He should have told us right at the beginning that the IPL can’t be held this year."

Yes, it’s true; Chidambaram and the UPA created hurdles that proved insurmountable even for a behemoth like the BCCI. Mark the Maharashtra government’s flip-flop over the IPL, initially agreeing to hold it and then reversing the decision. It miffed agriculture minister Sharad Pawar as he had informally told BCCI members about the Maharashtra government’s readiness to hold the IPL. In...

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