05 March, 2021

Why It's Not Just About 5A5151516L & 5A5151516M

The 'Q' accounts aren't the target. The world is against secret stashing.

Why It's Not Just About 5A5151516L & 5A5151516M
When L.K. Advani sent across what looked like a googly at the Congress on the issue of Indian black money in Swiss banks on March 29—just three days before the prime minister was to attend the G-20 meeting in London on April 2—he would only have intended to put the party on the backfoot on an issue on which the Congress looked vulnerable. How his calculation has more than paid off and how the BJP has now on hand a powerful issue that may fix the Congress is the story ahead.

Advani did offer enough evidence on that day to demonstrate that the UPA government had shown perceivable disinclination to get at the Indian moneys abroad. Yet, he boldly counselled the prime minister, who was attending the G-20 meeting, to press the issue vigorously at the meeting, failing which, he warned, the BJP would make it an election issue. Imagine that the prime minister had rung up Advani that evening, told him that was precisely what he was intending to do at the G-20 meet and thanked Advani for drumming up public support for that! He would have hit the...

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