03 March, 2021

Why Is India Mute On Kashmir?

The vicious circle must be broken somewhere. If Pakistan wants to start with Kashmir, why not? What is more urgent than cross-border terrorism? Pakistan must choose between proxy war and talks.

Why Is India Mute On Kashmir?

PAKISTAN has expended a great deal of ammunition on rhetorical and artillery barrages in recent weeks in a bid to impress the world that it must act now to avert an imminent nuclear holocaust in or over Kashmir. Such episodes may well recur, punctuated with more efforts at ethnic cleansing in Jammu and Kashmir by foreign mercenaries, aimed at securing external intervention through more demarches on "both sides" to cool things or, better still, international mediation. Occasions for such "guns salutes" could be provided by the next round of talks with Strobe Talbott in Washington, the Non-Aligned Movement Summit in South Africa, the opening of the UN General Assembly session, the 51st "anniversary" of the Pakistan-sponsored invasion of J&K and its accession to India, and the scheduled panchayati raj poll in J&K—all within the next three months. Then General Winter will take over and there will be a lull until the snows melt and more foreign mercenaries are sought to be infiltrated.

None of this will work. The cross-border war is a...

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