18 January, 2021

Why India Won't Relent

Unlike the West, New Delhi suspects doublespeak in virtually everything President Musharraf says and does.
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illustration by Saurabh Singh
Why India Won't Relent
In his State of the Union message, US President George W. Bush has once again showered extravagant praise on Gen Pervez Musharraf for having become a born-again foe of terrorism. To Indians this praise is passing strange, for it is being showered on him for what he says he will do and not what he is doing. Musharraf and his canny advisors have seized upon this to try and put India on the diplomatic defensive once again. Since his January 12 address to Pakistan, Musharraf has made two overtures to India to start withdrawing troops and resume talks on all outstanding issues, including Kashmir. India has spurned both overtures and test-fired the 750-km-range Agni-II in the bargain.

To the West, these actions have made India look increasingly unreasonable. But the appearance is deceptive. India has already responded positively to Musharraf's January 12 speech and it has done so not in words but through actions. In spite of possessing credible evidence that the terrorists who killed five policemen outside the American Center in Calcutta on January 22 were affiliated to the...


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