19 April, 2021

Why I Love To Hate Outlook

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Why I Love To Hate Outlook

I have been subscribing to Outlook right from its inception. Why did I never stop reading it? Because I like the outlook of Outlook. Each magazine has its own way of presenting current issues, reforms, stories, scams and other happenings; each correspondent has his/her own perceptions. Outlook has a different angle to general news. On any given day, I’d rather go with the perceptions of Outlook. A lot depends on the angle from which something is perceived. Quite often, I agree with the views expressed by the magazine, but that is not to say that I agree with every word in the magazine. I am not a political analyst but I have seen that the personal bias of the correspondent does come in; after all, each author, writer, correspondent has an independent mind. Even then, a lot depends on the editor to give the correct slant. I don’t think there is much editorial interference in writing because it is evident how each writer has a unique style and how the styles vary from one another. That is why it is very interesting to read, since the...

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