27 July, 2021

Why I Love To Hate Outlook

Despite my disagreements, 'Outlook' does tell the truth, but its lens is different from mine.

Why I Love To Hate Outlook

I remember the time when Vinod and I would be part of TV panel discussions. With slight smiles, we both agreed to disagree. There has always been a difference between my political views and that of the magazine. Yet, its pieces made for great narrative and provided vast insights. Vinod was an institution in himself and despite our divergent views I had great respect for his knowledge, which showed in all the pieces he wrote. The current editor’s nonchalant, satirical approach to politics is also interesting and noteworthy. Outlook stands for its comprehensible reportage. As a media institution, it’s the first wheel of democracy. Despite my disagreements, Outlook does tell the truth, but its lens is different from mine. The cinema pages hold my interest. Namrata Joshi provides great analyses, and while many media houses provide wishy-washy insights, Outlook’s take on various aspects of cinema is detailed. The other thing I like is the letters section, where extreme criticism is greeted with much enthusiasm, thereby celebrating the...

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