15 June, 2021

Why I Love Outlook

It made me re-discover my belief in myself and my music.

Why I Love Outlook

Every time I take an Outlook issue in my hand, I feel I’m in the company of a no-nonsense and sensitive magazine. This magazine is committed to all that is right and fair. Amidst the din and noise of sensationalism and strategic positioning of people and viewpoints, Outlook quietly says what it has to say, making people actually listen to its views. I always thought of Outlook as eminently conversant in politics, economics, current affairs, business and social issues. One fine morning they took me by surprise. Here is the story: It was the day of the passing on of Bharat Ratna Smt M.S. Subbulakshmi. It was December 11. I was about to give a concert at one of the prestigious venues in Chennai during a celebrated music festival. I was on two minds that morning, whether I should perform as a mark of my great respect for MSSji, or whether I should publicly proclaim my mourning and cancel the concert, which was the prevalent mood of the day for most Carnatic musicians. I finally decided to go ahead and sing my heart out. It certainly was one of my very...

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