03 March, 2021

Why I Love Outlook

The magazine has tremendous energy. It is like a spirit booster.

Fotocorp (From Outlook 07 September 2015)
Why I Love Outlook

The magazine has a voice of its own. I find the articles very substantive. The topics covered recently have got quite a lot of attention. The range is wide, from political reportage to entertainment. From Yakub Memon’s hanging to Bajrangi Bhaijaan and the huge spectrum in between. Outlook gave interesting insights about these sensitive matters. The magazine also focuses on life and lifestyle, which get revealed in different dimensions, from fresh perspectives. Youngsters too find in the pages topics that interest them. I love the film reviews because the criticism is constructive, making us aware of our shortcomings without being offensive. The magazine has tremendous energy. It is like a spirit booster. It gives us a new outlook towards life itself. The rapid acceptance of Outlook in India proves its popularity and credibility. Its USP is that it is reasonably cheap and caters to the intelligentsia as well as the masses.

Rituparna, actress, known for her Bengali, Hindi, Bangladeshi...

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