03 March, 2021

Why I Love Outlook

It is journalism in its purest sense.

Why I Love Outlook

In so many words, I love Outlook. I am an author myself and so is my husband, so for us the book reviews are the first draw and Outlook is always outstanding with them. As a member of the film industry, reportage on it is also important to me, and Outlook’s movie reviews stand out in this; they are intelligent and do not trivialise the industry. But it is not these few pages that I am constricted to. I may not read a story on agriculture perhaps, but keep that aside and I read every word. Outlook is journalism in its purest sense. You are insigh­tful and hopeful without being dramatic. The tone in the magazine is always uplifting and has an “it’s not all bad” feel to it which is alw­ays good to read. Perhaps if I had to say one bad thing, I would say it is visually not very appealing. But the content overweighs that and makes it engaging and very reader-friendly. Outlook is a weekly treat for me; I read the magazine as a whole, cover to cover, every week.

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