27 February, 2021

Why I Love Outlook

I don’t need to recommend the magazine; I think it sells because of its worth.

Jitender Gupta
Why I Love Outlook

I have been an Outlook subscriber for long, and I read it very carefully. It’s amazing to see the range of stories, ones mostly missed by the dailies. The coverage is indepth and multi-dimensional. When Vinod Mehta was around, he infused his own flavour into the magazine, but even after his passing, it has held its own. Some of the investigative stories have been extremely well-received by readers. The broad canvas approach and critical inputs on a variety of subjects are commendable. Nobody can at any point say that a story in Outlook is biased. I don’t feel Outlook has ever inclined towards the Congress. If it expresses pluralistic and secular views on issues, I think it is but natural. The eye-catching design also makes it very readable. The connect between the editorial and design teams is apparent, and I must compliment the creative department for matching the strength of the writers.

The political situation in the country is ever-changing, and a magazine cannot be isolated from the mainstream of events. Change is inevitable. I...

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