25 February, 2021

Why I Love Outlook

Outlook’s consistent defence of secular, democratic principles represents a beacon in a disquieting social environment.

Why I Love Outlook

In this day and age when magazines are becoming passé given the short attention spans induced by a hypermedia environment, the fact that a weekly like Outlook continues to even print is in itself commendable. Outlook has always stood up for secular, democratic values. In today’s political milieu, when these timeless values are increasingly facing attacks from reactionary right-wing political forces, Outlook’s consistent defence of these principles represents a beacon in a disquieting social environment. A stern test of the integrity of the media is its capacity to speak truth to power. Over 19 years, Outlook has tried to tread the straight and narrow notwithstanding the negative implications that accompany this rather gratifying pursuit. The corporatisation of the media is a reality. The fourth estate does run on monies generated by real estate. The challenge for the editorial team is how to insulate the newsroom from the boardroom. In India, more often than not, they have melted into each other’s arms like incestuous...

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