05 August, 2021

Why I Love Outlook

It has stood up for the freedom of the media.

Jitender Gupta
Why I Love Outlook

I recall the day it was decided that Outlook would be published. I speak with this much clarity because I’ve been involved with media affairs for my party for many years. Initially, we felt it was an alternative to India Today, which by then was already well-established. The feeling was: how could yet another magazine take a share of that pie? But I think Vinod Mehta put the influence of his own personality on the magazine and Outlook stood on its own. I won’t say it is way different in the way it brings out its articles but the perception is that India Today, belonging to a bigger house that had many other publications and media items, sometimes took a political view in line with the other publications, networks and channels. There is a very perceptible political bent in that. Whereas Outlook, I’ve always felt, has been a magazine where free-play dominates, with a lot of independent PoVs coming across without cutting off the embarrassing edges. That way you have stood up for the freedom of the media. My intent is not...

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