13 June, 2021

Why I Like Outlook

Its fearless and gutsy taking of positions is admirable.

Sanjay Rawat
Why I Like Outlook

I admire Outlook. I do occasionally agree with what it has to say but I have my disagreements with it too. My strongest association with the magazine was during my first experience with the powers in the field of politics and the corporate world, which combined in Delhi those days to create scams in the telecom sector where I was a budding entrepreneur. Outlook impressed me with its gritty challenge to the establishment back then.

There have been many pieces in Outlook that I disagree with comp­letely. Its fearless and gutsy taking of positions is admirable; it has ventured into areas and debates many publications have not deemed necessary. Its sometimes frivolous and irreverent take on the big guns of the corporate sector, in politics and in the shadowy world of lobbyists was a necessary antidote to blo­ated egos and outsized delusions which is the norm in Delhi and Mumbai. You may agree or disagree with them, but many of the journalists that I have engaged with at the magazine have always struck me as men/women of integrity, highly...

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