27 February, 2021

Why I Like Outlook

What I like best, and which is why I have always subscribed to Outlook over these long years, is the space it affords to dissent.

Jitender Gupta
Why I Like Outlook

I like it when a magazine has the confidence to take criticism on the chin and also has the capacity to laugh at itself, which Vinod Mehta reflected so well in the Letters to the Editor pages. I am glad this continues and I turn to these first. I also enjoy the alternative perspective and the lone voice. For instance, I may not agree with all or any of Arundhati Roy’s views, but Outlook would be poorer without them. I find politics adequately covered. Some of the opinion pages are excellent. But please provide for at least one really superb essay each week as well as an equally succinct obituary page in the style of, say, The Economist. Meanwhile, Outlook should be careful not to fall into the trap of becoming Delhi-centric. We need to listen to more voices from the Northeast, as well as uplifting stories of individual or collective endeavour from every part of the country in turn. Important perspectives from our South Asian neighbourhood also need coverage; the danger here is that these tend to become one-neighbour-centric! What’s the view...

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