03 March, 2021

Why I Like Outlook

The articles are well-written and give us interesting, unexpected perspectives

Jitender Gupta
Why I Like Outlook

I’ve been reading Outlook since it started two decades ago and I love it. In my profession, it is crucial I keep abreast of all social, economic and political developments and I depend on Outlook to do this. It has never let me down. Also, I don’t have much time to find out what is happening in the world of entertainment but I get even that in a nutshell in Outlook. It has adequate coverage as far as the arts are concerned. Whether feature stories or news, the articles are well-written and give us interesting, unexpected perspectives. I really enjoy reading the diary and news snippets. Perhaps it could focus a little more on articles for the younger generation. But not just content, the Outlook get-up is equa­lly attractive. I think there is more to Outlook than its projected image as a national newsmagazine. It has a global feel. I want to congratulate the editor for taking up some pressing international issues, like the Rohingya crisis, which not many other magazines covered. But most importantly, in this day of...

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