22 January, 2021

Why Davos Beckons

It would be penny wise, pound foolish for Vajpayee to ignore Davos just so as to set a cost-cutting example.

Why Davos Beckons

DEAR Mr Prime Minister, According to a recent report in The Times of India, you have been apparently "irritated by a rash of foreign tours" by your ministers, especially those with retinues of bureaucrats in tow. No doubt, many ministers love Harrods, Saks Fifth Avenue and Gallerie Lafayette and can furnish ingenious reasons to justify tours to western lands. Your displeasure is perfectly understandable and you have rightly let your ministers know that they had better "desist from making avoidable foreign journeys".

So far as good. You then decided to set an example by saying that you won't be attending the World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos in early 1999, as well as the G-15 meeting and the Commonwealth Summit. I suppose that G-15 meetings are dominated by empty political rhetoric. Equally, I guess that in a world of regional trade blocs, the Commonwealth may be an antiquated idea. But if you'll pardon me, your decision to skip the annual meeting of the WEF is extremely myopic. This thrift is worse than being penny...



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