25 June, 2021

Why Bill Needs A Nose Job

Win or lose, the Paula Jones sexual harassment case has indelibly stained the presidency

Why Bill Needs A Nose Job

DID he or didn't he? The most controversial lawsuit in the United States—Civil Action No. LR-C-94-290, the sexual harassment case of Paula Corbin Jones vs William Jefferson Clinton—is quickly occupying centrestage. Jones, a former state employee, alleges that Clinton summoned her to a hotel room in Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1991, when he was still governor of Arkansas, and asked her for oral sex after kissing her and exposing his genitals.

Tawdry details of the alleged pants-dropping incident have been so well-publicised that, according to recent polls, nine out of 10 Americans recognise the name Paula Jones. The case is not only a staple of late-night TV talk shows and stand-up comics across the nation, but is also a preferred topic for political pundits.

After the Supreme Court ruled in May that Clinton's executive privilege could not stall the case until he leaves the White House, his legal team went to work in earnest. On July 3, his attorney Bob Bennett asked for dismissal of the case, denying the allegations. The...

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