19 June, 2021

Why America Is All That's Left (To Bash)

For the rebels with mixed-up causes, it's open season on America, says Surjit S. Bhalla

Why America Is All That's Left (To Bash)
There is an ill wind blowing, and the message it brings is just as incomprehensible as its source. The "message" is cautious at first, as it pays obeisance to the necessary evil of political correctness: we deplore the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and are saddened by the loss of innocent lives. But—and with several buts in tow—the messengers throw caution to the wind and conclude that America had it coming. In morally obscene language, the messengers state: "You pathetic Goliath, you murderous American fools; you have played with other people's lives for so long and played murderously (remember Hiroshima, remember Vietnam, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, remember the ex-cia operative bin Laden, remember Kashmir, the Gujarat earthquake, all the ills in the world), you should consider yourself lucky that this did not happen to you sooner. There is a cause to this terrorism and while the wtc attack is deplored (genuflect again), in an unfortunate sense (genuflect please), you deserved it."

Surely the above is an exaggeration? No, as perusal of several pieces in the...

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