16 June, 2021

Whose Amartya Is It Anyway?

The Left is sure Amartya's leftist. The Right thinks he's rightist. Everyone wants a piece of his action.

Whose Amartya Is It Anyway?

"It's not immediately obvious that by presenting the analysis in the manner he has presented it, Amartya Sen has helped to clarify the underlying realities; a few at least would be led to assert that he's desperately anxious to obfuscate realities." —Ashoke Mitra, leftist economist and MP, reviewing Amartya Sen's book Poverty and Famines, 1982 Translation: Amartya Sen is a running dog of capitalism.

"Throughout his long career and voluminous writings, Sen has done little but give voice to the muddleheaded views of establishment leftists who dominate his world of academics and non-governmental organisations." —Robert L. Pollock, editorial page writer of Wall Street Journal, largest-circulated US daily known for its pro-establishment stand.

Translation: Amartya Sen is a retrogressive left-winger.

"Who else (besides Amartya Sen) has pleaded for globalisation plus social investment? Swaminomics, of course. The World Bank too. Even IMF." —Swaminathan S. Anklesaria Aiyar, right-wing economic journalist in his weekly column Swaminomics.


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