31 October, 2020

Who's His Frankenstein?

Locating the start-off points for Al Qaeda and Osama's murderous mission

Who's His Frankenstein?
There’s none better qualified than this author to write on the Islamic brand of terrorism as he has been reporting on Afghanistan and the Muslim world for over 15 years and is one of the few journalists to have actually interviewed Osama bin Laden in his mountain hideout in Afghanistan. In this book, he proves the point that the Islamist movement around the world was propelled by the Afghan jehad against the Soviets.

Osama bin Laden is typical of the charismatic leader, steeped in religious bigotry, who can sway the illiterate and impoverished masses of his co-religionists to whom only faith and hope matter. Yet such a leader’s immediate entourage comprises the intelligent, educated, middle class, sometimes even well-heeled, members of his own community or religious belief who have been fed a steady diet of religious fundamentalism. Such leaders are able to inspire devotion and even love in those who follow them. Witness the case of Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale in the Punjab.

Osama’s induction as a proponent of terrorism in the cause of Islam took place in...



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